Products - Pallets & Packaging

We supply new pallets & bespoke timber packaging, export cases and crates and reconditioned pallets. We are an ISPM15 accredited supplier of heat treated and kiln dried pallet and packaging. We manufacture our products from sustainably sourced and certified chain of custody accredited timber merchants. 

New pallets – we manufacture high quality timber pallets to exacting standards. Our operating procedures and excellent stock holding capacity means we can flexibly accommodate short runs and quick turnaround times. 

Bespoke timber packaging, cases and crates – our experienced team of operatives have an in depth understanding of our raw materials and our customers’ products which together informs the design and build of our timber packaging products. An automated crosscutting facility underpins our ability to produce customer specific, product tailored packaging.

Reconditioned pallets are all hand inspected, repaired and graded to strict criteria by skilled operatives, before being added to our large stock of standard and licensed EURO size, reconditioned timber and plastic pallets (1200x1000mm, 1200x800mm). This rigorous onsite management process ensures customers receive a consistent quality and on time, secure supply.